What documents should I always carry with me?
We recommend that you always carry the following documents with you:
  • a photocopy of your passport,
  • a photocopy of your migration card,
  • student ID card,
  • student social card,
  • registration form (original).
    Student ID card

    Student ID card is an official document certifying that you are a student of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

    Your student ID card will be issued to you at the academic office of your faculty after your enrollment. To receive a student ID card, you should bring o the international office of you faculty your photo (size 3*4 cm, matte paper) along with all other documents after your arrival. At the beginning of each academic year you will need to go to the academic office of your faculty and update your student ID card.

    Student ID card serves as a pass to all buildings of the university campus. Also, in some cases, it gives the right to receive benefits and discounts when traveling by public transport, in supermarkets, shops, when visiting museums and many other institutions.
    Record book ("zachetka")

    Record book is a document that contains records of the grades received by the student as a result of passing tests and exams, defending term papers and graduation exams, and undergoing practical training. Your Record is stored at the academic office of your faculty during the whole period of your studies and will be given to you before the exam session. Having passed the last exam please return your record book to the academic office. Record book is a prerequisite to receive a diploma upon graduation.
    Muscovite social student card

    Muscovite student card is an optional document, but very useful. It gives you a discount for travel on public and raillway transport in Moscow and the Moscow region, can be used as a bank card and also gives the right to receive discounts in stores and enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region. Full-time students, medical residents and postgraduates have the right to obtain a Muscovite student card.

    Please note that a personal visit to the multifunctional center (MFC) is required to issue a Muscovite card. To do this, you need to have a valid MSU student card. Having received the card you will need to activate it and then replenish each month in a metro or bus ticket office.

    IMPORTANT: to receive a Muscovite social student card you will need to receive SNILS first.
    How do I get a Muscovite Student Card?
      1. Bring the copy of your SNILS and sign a consent to the processing of personal data at the academic office of your faculty.
      2. Wait until your name appears in the "Register of students". If you do not find yourself in the "Register" within 10 days after signing the consent, refer to the academic office.
      3. Submit an application at any of the "My Documents" centers (MFC, multifunctional center) or online on To submit an application, you will need a passport, a notarized tranalation of the passport (except for citizens of the Republic of Belarus), a student ID card and a certificate confirming your student status.
      4. Please check if your card is ready 30 calendar days after submitting the documents: enter the number of your application and your passport number. You can check it in your personal account or via the link.
      5. Receive a card in the same "My Documents" center where you applied for it. To do this, you will need a passport or other identity document.

      "Muscovite Card" hot line: +7 (495) 539-55-55 (daily from 8:00 to 20:00)


      SNILS is an individual insurance account number which consists of 11 digits and is assigned once by the Social Fund. It does not change even if the documents are lost or the name is changed. With this document you can register for Public Services platform, submit applications and receive electronic public services. To receive a SNILS a foreign citizen must have the following documents:
      1. passport;
      2. notarized translation of the passport (except for citizens of the Republic of Belarus);
      3. migration card (except for citizens of the Republic of Belarus);
      4. registration form.
      Where can I receive a SNILS?
      1. At the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation department. The closest one to the MSU campus on Leninsky Hills is located at: Leninsky Prospekt, 156, tel. 8-800-100-00-01, opening hours:
      • Monday – Thursday from 09:00 to 18:00;
      • Friday – from 09.00 to 16.45.
      2. At the center of Moscow public services "My documents".

      The service is free of charge.

      If you have lost your SNILS, you need to contact the Pension Fund department to recieve a duplicate.