Student life at Moscow University is very diverse and multicultural. You can definitely find a way to realize your talents and develop new skills. In order to keep up with all the news of student life at MSU, we recommend that you create a profile on the most popular social network in Russia — VKontakte. Most student organizations, sections and clubs at Moscow State University have pages on VKontakte. It is also a great opportunity to make friends with your fellow students!
If you want to actively participate in the student life of the University, to develop your sport, creative, leadership and management skills, welcome to the MSU student organizations:

While studying at MSU, you have an opportunity to show your creative and intellectual abilities in a variety of clubs and studios.

If Spanish is your first language, or you want to speak Spanish with native speakers, join the Iberoamerican Club of Moscow State University.

Interested in public speaking? Be sure to subscribe to the MSU Debate Club page. By the way, participating in discussions is an excellent practice of the Russian language.

For those who dream of creating their own startup, we strongly recommend visiting the websites of the MSU Business Club and the MSU Business Incubator.

If you are an avid cinefile, be sure to visit the Moscow University Cinema Club page, because even remotely, the guys continue to watch and discuss masterpieces of world cinema in Zoom.

Can't imagine your life without creativity? Subscribe to the page of the Moscow State University Cultural Center. It brings together creative studios and collectives under its auspices, organizes and conducts festivals, competitions, exhibitions, theater shows, concerts and other events.

If you want to perform Russian folk songs, do breathing and articulation exercises and dance national dances, join the Moscow State University Folk Song Ensemble "Korobeiniki". This ensemble is international and is especially popular with our foreign students.

You can also come to the performances of the MSU Folk Dance Ensemble "Vesna" and see the professionals of folk dance art.

If you love to sing, you may be interested in:

If you love classical music, be sure to visit these pages:

Can't live without dancing? You will be welcome at the Zvon Dance Theater and the MSU Ballroom Dance Studio Grazia.

If you've always wanted to try your hand at acting, take a look at the Student Theater Workshops.

Lovers of poetry and those who are looking for like-minded people should definitely check out the website of the legendary literary studio "Luch".
Moscow University provides students with extensive opportunities for sports and physical education.

The sports infrastructure of the university includes:

  • Three-hall sports building with basketball, volleyball and universal halls
  • Sports complex of the Main Building of MSU with gymnastics, physical training, boxing and weightlifting halls
  • Track and field arena
  • MSU stadium with a football field and running tracks,
  • Gym and hall for special medical groups,
  • Sports complexes and halls in other university buildings.

There are more than 40 sections at Moscow State University in all major sports: from athletics and skiing to aerobics and karate. All students with credentials in certain sports are given the opportunity to join the corresponding sections of Moscow State University during the entire period of study, including postgraduate studies.

Detailed information about sports sections can be found on the official website of the Department of Physical Education of Moscow State University and in the official group of the department on VKontakte.

If you want to take part in organizing or covering sports events at Moscow State University, the MSU Student Sports Club is waiting for you.