When entering the Russian Federation, all foreign citizens (except the citizens of the Republic of Belarus) are provided with free migration cards that need to be filled in before passport control.

All fields of the migration card should be filled in in Russian language according to the data indicated in your entry visa.

If you need help filling in your migration card, please contact the passport control officer. Be sure to check that all data specified in the migration card is correct. If you find an error in your migration card, you should immediately contact the passport control officer and ask to change the migration card.

IMPORTANT: In the "Purpose of visit" field, the option "Учеба/Education" must be specified. No other options should be underlined.

IMPORTANT: Make a copy of your migration card (for example, take a picture on your phone) so that you always have this document with you. Be sure to keep your migration card in your passport throughout your stay in Russia. The migration card is handed over to the border control officer when leaving the Russian Federation.
At the airport, you can exchange a small amount of money for your first expenses in Moscow, for example, in order to pay for public transport and meals. You can see approximate prices for transportation and other expenses here.
You can get to the city from the airport using one of the following ways:
  • By taxi
    We recommend downloading and using taxi applications popular in Moscow in advance: Yandex Go, Uber.
  • By Aeroexpress train and metro
    Aeroexpress trains run on the following routes:
    • Sheremetyevo airport — Belorussky railway station;
    • Vnukovo airport — Kievsky railway station;
    • Domodedovo airport — Paveletsky railway station.

    You can find detailed information on how to get to Moscow from Zhukovsky airport here.
      At any station, you can immediately change to the metro and get to the station you need. The optimal route for the metro can be found using the Yandex.Metro service. Addresses of the hostels can be found here.

      In order to see land public transport route options we recommend that you download the Yandex Maps application.
      MSU Dormitories:
        • Student residence hall on Leninskie Gory (DS, Main building of MSU): Universitet/Lomonosovsky prospect metro station, Leninskie Gory, 1, sector Б (entrance to the dormitory from Lebedeva Street).
        • Affiliate of the Student Residence Hall (FDS): Lomonosovsky prospect metro station, Lomonosovsky prospect, 31, building 4.
        • Student Residence Hall on Vernadsky Prospect (DSV): Vernadsky prospect metro station, Vernadsky prospect, 37 (entrance to the dormitory from Kravchenko Street).
        • Student Residence Hall on Kravchenko Street (DSK): Vernadsky prospect metro station, Kravchenko street, 7.
        • Student Residence Hall at Shabolovka Street (DSSH): Shabolovskaya metro station, Shabolovka street, 36.
        Exchange students coming to MSU under university-level agreements stay at Student residence hall in the Main building of MSU. Mobility coordinator will send you all the necessary information to check-in a few days prior to your arrival.

        To receive information about accomodation for students coming to MSU under faculty-level agreements or to study bachelor's, specialist or master's degree, please contact the international office of your host faculty.
        Now you are in Moscow. Visit the "After Arrival" page to learn more about
        your next steps in Moscow and at MSU.