Tampere University

Number of places available:1.
Financial conditions of participation: more information on scholarship available here.
Language requirements: English or Finnish (B2 level minimum, a certificate of proficiency in English provided by MSU is accepted)
Academic calendar: see Factsheet; during the autumn semester, teaching is organised from late August until late December, the spring semester starts in early January and teaching continues until late May; https://www.tuni.fi/studentsguide/handbook/uni?page=3100
Course offer in English
Course/department restrictions: check prerequisites in descriptions of courses
Compulsory fees: see Factsheet; https://www.tuni.fi/studentsguide/tampere-university-students-guide/exchange
Health insurance: see Factsheet; https://www.tuni.fi/studentsguide/tampere-university-students-guide/exchange
Housing: see Factsheet; https://www.tuni.fi/studentsguide/handbook/uni?page=5897
Link to information about the support system for international students (before and during the exchange program): see Factsheet, https://www.tuni.fi/studentsguide/tampere-university-students-guide/exchangewww.tuni.fi/exchange

Photo credit: Jonne Renvall