University of Geneva*Early deadline

Fields of study: legal, medical, natural science, economic and sociological, theological, faculty of psychology, translation faculties
Level of study: BA and MA
Number of places available: 3
Financial conditions of participation: candidates can apply for scholarship. More information on scholarship available here.
Language: French, English. The main language of instruction is French; however, a wide range of courses are given in English. Students taking courses in French are expected to have a good command of French (level B2 at the beginning of the exchange). Students taking courses in English are expected to have a good command of English (level B2). Please provide either official test results or an official attestation form a professor.
Academic calendar: see Factsheet
Course offer in English: see Factsheet
Course/department restrictions: check prerequisites in descriptions of courses
Compulsory fees: see Factsheet
Health insurance: see Factsheet
Housing: see Factsheet

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