Lund University

Eligibility: students from the following Faculties: Faculty of political science (Факультет политологии), Faculty of history (Исторический факультет), Faculty of world politics (ФМП), Faculty of global studies (ФГП).
Fields of study: Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. Students can take up to 50% of their credits at our sister Faculties as long as they fulfill the prerequisites and there are places available. All Special Area Study courses are available to MSU students.
Level of study: BA and MA
Number of places available: 2
Financial conditions of participation: no
Language: It is recommended that the student’s level of English language proficiency is equivalent to IELTS 6.5 / TOEFL 90. A certificate of proficiency in English provided by MSU is accepted. The Swedish language requirement for exchange students wishing to study Swedish-taught courses is B2 or C1 (depending on course) or equivalent.
Academic calendar
Course offer in English: see Factsheet for other courses for exchange students
Course/department restrictions: There is a limited availability of courses at the Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM). Students applying through our agreement agreement can at most be accepted to 15 credits at LUSEM per semester.
• Courses in Journalism are not available;
• The Faculty of Performing Arts, the Malmö Art Academy and the Faculty of Medicine mainly admit students within specific Faculty/department agreements;
• Note, not all courses in English are open to exchange students;
Compulsory fees: see Factsheet
Health insurance: All exchange and Study Abroad students are covered by the Swedish State’s Insurance for Foreign Students. Find Terms and Conditions here.
Housing: There are several differens housing providers, LU Accommodation is one of them. An active search approach is encouraged since there is a shortage of housing at the beginning of each semester. It is recommended to apply for accommodation through several different agencies. See more information here. Read about accommodation options and apply via LU Accommodation here. It is strongly recommended that students apply as soon as the application period opens.
Links to information about the support system for international students (before and during the exchange program):; nice presentation of Lund University on youtube:

Photo credit: Emil Langvad / TT