Technical University of Munich

Fields of study: any Faculty except from medicine
Level of study: BA and MA
Number of places available: 2
Financial conditions of participation: scholarship, more information available here.
Language: English (B2 level) or German (B2 level)
Academic calendar: see Factsheet
Course offer in English: The number of courses offered in English is constantly increasing. About half of TUM’s Master’s programs are entirely conducted in English and some more are taught bilingually in German and English. Students are advised to check the language of instruction for the desired courses in advance (see Factsheet).
Course/department restrictions: check prerequisites in descriptions of courses
Compulsory fees: Student fee is 142,40 EUR per semester, for details see Factsheet
Health insurance: Full coverage for students is around EUR 90-95 per month, for details see Factsheet
Housing: see Factsheet
Link to information about the support system for international students (before and during the exchange program): see Factsheet

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