MSc "Mathematical Fundamentals of the Navigation Systems"

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
The main goal of the master's program “Mathematical Fundamentals of Navigation Systems” is the fundamental training of specialists with significant experience in independent scientific work, the practice of conducting real experiments and computer simulation.
The core of the master's program is special courses aimed at teaching effective methods for studying navigation, control and estimation problems, applying these methods to problems of inertial, satellite (GNSS) and personal navigation, airborne gravimetry, biomechanics, robotics.
The structure of the courses offered is determined by the experience of many years of cooperation between the employees of the Department of Applied Mechanics and Control, the Laboratory of Control and Navigation of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University with leading Russian and foreign companies involved in the development of integrated navigation systems and control systems for moving objects.

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters
ECTS: 120
Starting date: September 1
Language: English
Enrollment Capacity: 10 places with tuition fees
Housing: Available

Fall Semester
Duration of Fall Term: September 1 - January 24
Fall Examination Session: January 3 - January 24
Winter Recess: January 25- February 6

Spring Semester
Duration of Spring Term: February 7- June 30
Spring Examination Session: June 6 - June 30
Summer Recess: July 1 - August 31

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