MSc "Global Economics and Finance" (including preparation for CFA®)

Moscow School of Economics
The international English-language Master's program in applied finance and economics prepares highly qualified financiers and economists who are able effectively apply analytical, research, and leadership skills and innovative methods in the development and implementation of financial management strategies in the context of high competition and a rapidly changing environment in global international and local job markets.
The program includes training for the Chartered Financial Analyst® professional qualification exams and is designed for graduates who have completed undergraduate level of education. The program attracts students
with engineering, mathematical and economics backgrounds who wish to use their knowledge effectively and build a successful career in the field of applied corporate finance, financial risk management, or investment banking.

MASTER’S IN: Global Economics and Finance
DURATION: 2 years
WORKLOAD: 120 credits
TUITION FEE: 530,000 RUB per year ( for admission in 2023)

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Профиль факультета: Социально-экономические науки