Global Change Ecology and Novel Ecosystems (ecOne) (program of Faculty of Biology, Lomonosov MoscowState University implemented at the Faculty of Biology, ShenzhenMSU-BITUniversity)

Faculty of Biology
The Master's program in Global Change Ecology and Novel Ecosystems focuses on the complex causes and far-reaching consequences of global
change. Students will learn about the multifaceted nature of global change, encompassing changes in climate, land use, water and biogeochemical cycles, as well as environmental pollution and the loss of biodiversity, and how these changes impact all levels of biological organization, from molecules to ecosystems.
The primary focus of the Master's program will be novel ecosystems that are human-built, modified natural, or engineered niches of the biosphere (anthroposphere). They exist in places that have been altered in structure and function by human agency. Novel ecosystems are part of the human environment and habitats (including urban, suburban, and rural); they lack natural analogs, and they have extended an influence that has converted more than three-quarters of the Earth’s wilderness.
Specific attention within the Master's program is given to the development of nature-based solutions, where fundamental knowledge of ecosystems is translated into applied ecosystem management that addresses the negative impacts of global change.

MASTER'S IN: Biology
DURATION: 2 years
WORKLOAD: 120 credits
TUITION FEE: 425,000 RUB per year

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