MSc "Geological-Geophysical Exploration and Modelling of Hydrocarbon Fields"

Graduate School of Innovative Business
The purpose of the Master's program "Geological-Geophysical Exploration and Modelling of Hydrocarbon Fields" is to educate specialists in the field of modern technologies relating to geological and reservoir modelling, field development, advanced scientific methods of seismic exploration, well logging and enhanced oil recovery. In addition, special attention is paid to computer technologies for constructionof 3D geological and geophysical models of geological environments, and 4D modelling of processes in this environment, as well as the specifics of their application to practical geological problems.

MASTER’S IN: Geology
DURATION: 2 years
WORKLOAD: 120 credits
TUITION FEE: 600,000 RUB per year

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Профиль факультета: Естественные науки